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Holiday Parties Up To 200 Guests - Buggy Wheel Pavilion

Max Occupancy 200


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Chairs (each) ($1.50 Add-on)
  3. Cloth Napkins (each) ($0.50 Add-on)
  4. Concrete Floor
  5. Dance Floor: 600 to 900 sq ft ($200.00 Add-on)
  6. Dressing Rooms (2)
  7. Easels (each) (optional)
  8. Parking
  9. Pipe & Draping (perimeter walls) ($480.00 Add-on)
  10. Podium With Microphone (each) ($40.00 Add-on)
  11. Portable Screen ($30.00 Add-on)
  12. Projector (each) ($50.00 Add-on)
  13. Restrooms
  14. Room Rental ($400.00 Add-on)
  15. Room Set Up/Tear Down Days (per day) ($200.00 Add-on)
  16. Round Mirror Table Centerpiece (each) ($1.50 Add-on)
  17. Security If Alcohol Served (per man hour) ($30.00 Add-on)
  18. Sound & Lighting
  19. Stage - Built In
  20. Table Cloths (each) ($5.00 Add-on)
  21. Table Skirting (each table) ($8.00 Add-on)
  22. Table: 60" Round (each) ($8.00 Add-on)
  23. Table: 8' Rectangular (each) ($8.00 Add-on)
  24. Table: 6' Rectangular (each) ($8.00 Add-on)
  25. Trees: 7' Lighted (each) ($5.00 Add-on)
  26. WiFi
  27. Wireless Microphone (each) ($50.00 Add-on)
If you are looking to plan a unique celebration, then the Buggy Wheel Pavilion was made just for you! The sides of the building open for easy access, making it perfect for an indoor/outdoor event. It can accommodate up to 200 seated guests indoors without a dance area, and 150 with a dance area. It even includes a built in stage for your band. This space is 5,632 square feet (64' x 88') with a concrete floor. The Buggy Wheel Pavilion is NOT heated or air conditioned and is only available from spring to fall. It does not include a prep kitchen for caterers, but is only one of two facilities that does not require you to use one of our approved caterers.

Included in the $400 room rental fee are sound and lighting, WiFi, parking and restrooms. Set up times are free if done the day of the event.  Set up may be done the day before for an additional fee of $200.00.  Optional items and costs are listed above.

Table sizes include 60" round (seats 8), 8' rectangular (seats 8-10) or 6' rectangular (seats 6-8). Table skirting is available in black, navy or cream. Tablecloths and napkins are available in a wide array of colors.  Pipe and draping is available in black, navy or cream.  Pipe and draping can be used to line the walls of the venue, providing additional color and a more formal, warm environment.  A portable wooded dance floor can be provided, or we can designate a dance area on the concrete floor.

Dates and facilities are only guaranteed when a contract is executed and any necessary deposits are paid.  7% Indiana sales tax is added to all invoices.  Prices are subject to change.

Bar service and catering are not included in the costs listed above.  No outside bar service is permitted. Outside caterers are permitted. The Porter County Expo Center requires security at all events where alcohol is served.  The number of security personnel will be determined by the event specialist.  The Porter County Expo Center reserves the right to require security at any event, solely at it's discretion.  Security will be charged at the rate of $30 per man hour.

The Expo Center provides a wide variety of bar service packages.  Our event specialist will work with you to choose a bar package that fits all of your needs and budget.  CLICK HERE for more information about our bar service packages.  

While Expo Center approved caterers are not required in the Buggy Wheel Pavilion, you may still choose one of them for your event.  All of our approved caterers are licensed and experienced, and they will work closely with you and the Expo staff to help create an exceptional experience for you and your guests.  Please contact them for menus and pricing.  CLICK HERE for information about our approved caterers.

Are you ready to get started with your event planning?  The first step is to complete and submit an online Request for Proposal (RFP).  The RFP will provide us the initial information we need to determine date(s) availability and estimated costs.  Within three business days of the submission of the RFP, our event manager will contact you to discuss the options you have chosen, other services or options that you may desire, and to answer any questions.  After this follow up discussion, we will prepare an estimate for you.  Please note that submitting an RFP does NOT guarantee date availability or costs.  It is simply a tool we use to get your event planning started.  So, if you are ready to begin, just CLICK HERE to complete and submit your RFP.

If you find that this facility does not meet your needs, CLICK HERE to view all nine of our facility options to find the right one for your event.