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RFP - Trade Shows, Craft & Artisan Fairs, Fundraising Fair Or Show

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  2. Are you ready to get started with planning your trade show, artisan or craft fair,or fundraising show or fair? The first step is to complete and submit an online Request for Proposal (RFP). The RFP will provide us the initial information we need to determine date(s) availability and estimated costs. Within three business days of the submission of the RFP, our event manager will contact you to discuss the options you have chosen, other services or options that you may desire, and to answer any questions. After this follow up discussion, we will prepare an estimate for you. Please note that submitting an RFP does NOT guarantee date availability or costs. It is simply a tool we use to get your event planning started.

  3. Please note any question with a red * requires an answer. You will not be able to electronically submit this form until all fields with the red * are completed. Almost all questions require an answer.

  4. Contact Information

  5. What Is The Best Time Of Day To Contact You?*

  6. Which Phone Number Should We Contact You At?*

  7. Event Information

  8. What Type Of Event Are You Planning?*

  9. What Size Booths?*

  10. Date Options

    Please provide us with the date(s) you wish to have your event, and any possible alternate dates if your requested date(s) are not available.

  11. To Begin, Please Tells Us How Many Days Long Is Your Event?*

  12. Will You Need Any Set Up Days PRIOR To The Start Date Of Your Event?*

  13. How Many Set Up Days?*

  14. Will You Need Any Tear Down Days AFTER The End Date Of Your Event?*

  15. How Many Tear Down Days?*

  16. Facility Options

    If you have reviewed the facilities that we have available and chosen one that you believe will fit your needs and budget, please check the appropriate choice. If you have not reviewed our available facilities or need help in choosing the most appropriate for your needs, please check "Not Sure".

  17. Please Choose One*

  18. Bar Service Options

    If you have reviewed the bar service packages we have available and chosen one that fits your needs, please check the appropriate choice. If you have not reviewed our available bar service packages or need help in choosing the most appropriate for your needs, please check "Not Sure". In addition to the prices below, there is a $75 set up fee per bar which includes cocktail napkins, disposable cups, straws and ice. Our experienced bartenders are charged at the rate of $13 per bartender per hour. The number of bartenders needed will be determined by our event specialist and will be based on the type of bar service, hours of service and guest count. One bartender is required per 100 guests. The Porter County Expo Center requires security at any event where alcohol is served. The number of security personnel required will be determined by the event specialist. Security is charged at the rate of $30 per man hour. No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed on our premises.

  19. Please Choose One*

  20. Booth Options

    Once we have all of the information needed, the Expo Center event manager will work with you to develop a floor plan for your event. To help us understand your needs, please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. If you don't know an answer, please check "Not Sure".

  21. Do You Want Booth Spaces Marked Off In Chalk, Or Separated With Pipe & Draping?*

  22. Who Will Mark Off Your Booth Spaces With Chalk?*

  23. Do You Want Pipe & Draping Around The Perimeter Walls To Give Your Event A More Formal Appearance?*

  24. Do You Want The Tables In The Booths Skirted?*

  25. Do You Want Table Clothes On The Tables In The Booths?*

  26. Do You Want Electrical Outlets Available In The Booths?*

  27. Will There Be Vendors Who Rent Your Booths, Or Any Vendors Located Outside The Buildings (Food Trucks, etc), That May Be Selling Food Items?*

    This does NOT include concessions served by the Expo Center approved caterers.

  28. Please Acknowledge That You Have Read The Following Statement*

    IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING SALE OF FOOD ITEMS! If food items are going to be sold in booths (or by vendors outside the buildings) at your event, please be aware that your vendors may be required to have a permit from the Porter County Health Department. The Health Department does do inspections at the Expo Center events. If food items are going to be sold, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to assure that your vendors are made aware of the need to obtain any food permits that may be necessary. If the Health Department determines that your vendors have not obtained the necessary permits, they will be required to shut down their booth and leave the event. If you have any questions regarding food permits, contact the Porter County Health Department Food Service Division at (219) 465-3525. For a tax exempt 501(c)3 non-profit organization baking and selling the baked goods, they are not regulated under the state retail food establishment regulations and, therefore, exempt from food permitting, unless they sell their food product greater than 15 times per year. They WILL be required to show proof of their 501(c)3 status. For a for-profit group or person, and the event is not a farmers market, then the baked goods must be made in a permitted food establishment. An additional temporary food permit is not required if selling only non-potentially hazardous baked goods. If selling baked goods requiring temperature control, then a temporary food permit is required to sell their product at any event including farmers markets.

  29. Concessions Options

    Concessions include food served INDOORS where you can work with a caterer to develop a menu of offerings that will suit your intended audience. Concessions served indoors can be provided for your event ONLY by caterers approved by the Porter County Expo Center. The ONLY exception is if you are SOLELY using the 4H Building for your event, where it is permissible for you to use any caterer.

  30. Do You Want To Have Concessions Available At Your Event?*

  31. Will You Be Using An Expo Center Approved Caterer Or Your Own Caterer?*

  32. Do You Want To Have A Concessions Seating Area At Your Event? (Optional, But Recommended)*

    If your event will be held solely in the Expo Main Building (including Banquet Room One, Expo Main Hall, or any combination thereof), having a concessions seating area MAY reduce the number of booth spaces available.

  33. Other Options

  34. Other Than Booths, Do You Plan To Have Other Activities At Your Event (Seminars, Workshops, Demonstrations, Entertainment, Etc)?*

  35. What Other Activities Are You Planning? (Check All That Apply)*

  36. Will You Need A Stage For Your Activity?*

  37. Will You Need A Designated Seating Area For Your Activity?*

  38. What Type Of Seating?*

  39. Will You Require Any Of The Following Audio/Visual Equipment? Check all that apply.*

  40. Do You Want Ticket/Sign In Tables?*

  41. Do you want to use our coat room/ticket office is available for office or staging area*

  42. You are almost done! Please be sure that you have answered all questions with a red *. Please check the "I Am Not A Robot" box, and enter your email address so that you will be automatically sent a copy of this completed form. Then click on SUBMIT or SUBMIT AND PRINT. After you click on submit or submit and print, you should be redirected to a confirmation page. If you are not automatically redirected, then you have probably missed providing required information on this form. Please scroll up to see any highlighted fields where an answer is required, then click on submit again.

  43. Thank you for your interest in the Porter County Expo Center! Exceptional events happen here because the Porter County Expo Center has over 30 years of experience in planning thousands of events. Our experienced and professional event staff will be with you every step of the way. Within three business days of the submission of this RFP, our event manager will contact you to discuss the options you have chosen, other services or options that you may desire, and to answer any questions. After this follow up discussion, we will prepare an estimate for you.

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